Rave Reviews

line_bud1“Dear Mr. Sciortino,

Boy was my coffee good today! The Melipone vanilla was the perfect addition. I’m hooked! Thank you so much.”

Jill Grieshaber

line_bud2Great Mexican Vanilla – Rich strong flavor
“Makes the best homemade vanilla ice cream. I have bought 5 “Mexican vanilla” brands in the last 6 months. This is the only one with the great Mexican vanilla flavor I remembered. I can’t find this flavor locally, even in the specialty stores.”


line_bud3Vanilla extraordinaire!
“This vanilla tastes far superior to anything I’ve ever bought in my megamart. It really makes a difference in everything I’ve baked with it.”

Jonesboro, GA

line_bud1Best Vanilla Ever

“I first bought Ronald Reginald MELIPONE Vanilla while on vacation in New Orleans. Now that I’ve tried it, nothing else can take it’s place! Ronald Reginald says it’s named after the Mexican Melipone Bee that pollinates the Vanilla orchid- an exquisite background for exceptional taste.

Louisville, KY

line_bud2“Ronald Reginald’s makes what may be the world’s best vanilla extract. The qualities of Ronald Reginald’s vanilla are strikingly apparent when compared with other vanillas. I tasted about a dozen different extracts–some familiar supermarket brands, others expensive gourmet-shop vanillas–and none of them came close to the mellow aroma and smooth taste of Ronald Reginald’s pure vanilla extract.”

Tom Fitzmorris
New Orleans Food Critic
Editor–Menu Magazine

line_bud3“Dear Chef Ronald:
You are right! Your Melipone Mexican Vanilla is outstanding. I have now tried it in eight different baked goods and I am convinced that it is the best vanilla that I have ever baked with.

I had never tried vanilla in my coffee before you suggested it. Now I am hooked.”

David Sledd
Chef, Brennan’s Restaurant

line_bud1“Your vanilla is the best.”

Randy Guste
Antoine’s Restaurant

line_bud2“I finally tried your Mexican Vanilla. Wow! Now I’m hooked on a nightly fix of hot chocolate with about 10 drops of that stuff! I love it!”

Susan Roesgen
News Anchor, WDSU-TV

line_bud3“Dear Sir/Madame:
Good day. Before going any further I wanted to compliment your company for a truly extraordinary product. In particular I am referring to your Melipone Mexican Vanilla. It was about a year ago that a friend of mine brought me a bottle of this wondrous elixir from a trip to New Orleans and my kitchen has not been the same since. Thanks to your wondrous vanilla my cakes, cookies, flans, and other desserts have developed quite a reputation with local faculty. In fact, a flan I made with this vanilla won high praise from a colleague at Harvard University. This was no small feat….I have literally tried over a dozen different substitute vanillas and they don’t even come close to your product!! I am tired of inferior substitutes! I would ask that you PLEASE tell me who in the Boston area carries your Mexican Vanilla. A good portion of my standing in the academic community depends on it.”

And in a follow-up letter:

“Good day. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your kind letter. I was both surprised and delighted that your correspondence included a gift pack of your company’s wondrous vanilla – thank you! Your extremely generous gift was quickly put to use and my colleague, Prof. Michael Dukakis (former governor of Massachusetts) thinks extremely highly of what your Mexican Vanilla did to an otherwise ordinary flan.

Again, gracias and I look forward to testing your vanilla on many other recipes.”

Amílcar Antonio Barreto, JD, PhD

line_bud1“I am the biggest fan of Ronald Reginald’s Melipone Mexican Vanilla. I live for the WYES Showboat Auction every year for one reason, to get your vanilla.

People say I make the best iced tea. My secret is your Melipone Mexican Vanilla! Of course, I use it in everything else too. I love your vanilla. Thanks! “

Joshua Allen

line_bud2“Your vanilla is the very BEST you can buy! I just love it and have even given it as gifts.”

Marilyn Hamilton

line_bud3“Can’t get enough of this stuff…” (Melipone Mexican Vanilla)

Mark Hewitt


line_bud1“Dear Ronnie,

Thank you so much for sending the correct vanilla. You didn’t have to, but I’m sure glad you did. I win several blue ribbons at our local fair, and I always attribute it to your Vanilla Bean Marinade.”

Marion Marbut