The Ronald Reginald’s Difference

Ronald Reginald’s Vanillas were developed by one of the country’s foremost authorities on ice cream and flavorings, Chef Warren Le Ruth. The founder of Le Ruth’s Restaurant in New Orleans, Louisiana, Chef Le Ruth has gained national acclaim by receiving the Mobil Travel Guide’s highest award of five stars (★ ★ ★ ★ ★), for an impressive five years. Renowned for his superlative homemade ice creams for over 25 years, Le Ruth again gained national recognition in 1982 in the book entitled “The Very Best: Ice Cream and Where to Find it.” Our pledge to manufacture the finest Pure Vanilla Extract is uncompromised. Our high standards are maintained throughout the entire vanilla process–from bean selection, through cold processing, to slow aging. These standards add up to quality. Ronald Reginald’s is committed to do whatever it takes to produce the finest Pure Vanilla Extract!

~ Superior Ingredients for Superior Flavor

Ronald Reginald’s Vanilla starts with the finest vanilla beans available in the world –100% Prime Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla Beans. Only the best Prime Grade Beans are used in every single pure vanilla product. Absolutely no lower grade beans are used!

~ Cold Processing

Ronald Reginald wants only the luscious, delicious, topnote essence of the carefully sun-cured bourbon vanilla beans for his vanillas. We use only a cold extraction process–without steam, heat, or vacuum machines which could destroy the delicate flavor and aromatics of the fine beans.

~ Slow Aging

Expensive and rare as it is, we age our Pure Vanilla Extract one full year after bottling. We know of no other manufacturer who goes to this extent to develop the full richness of vanilla extract. At Ronald Reginald’s, we understand the importance of this slow aging to the development of the total character of a quality Pure Vanilla Extract. Do not be misled by manufacturers who claim that their vanilla beans are aged for up to a year–this refers to the curing process and the length of time required for the beans to reach the vanilla brokers in this country.

This combination of superior bean selection, cold and careful processing, and slow aging produces a truly top-of-the-line Pure Vanilla Extract with quality that is so outstanding, it makes all others pale in comparison. The high quality of our award-winning Pure Vanilla Extract is fully guaranteed to be above all standards of identity set forth by the U.S.F.D.A.

There’s Nothing Plain About Vanilla!®